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Whether you lead an executive team or manage entry level workers, you’re probably really good at determining which skills, talents, and areas of expertise employees must have to do their jobs effectively. However, you may not know quite as much about team dynamics and organizational culture – the kind that wins championships, industry awards, customer loyalty, produces best-in-class products or invents ingenious market innovations. If your team is operating at that level now, CultureSet™ can help you keep the exceptional culture you already have, but if not, we provide the framework to build one that creates a competitive advantage!




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As a leader, you’ve probably already made sure that everyone on your team has the appropriate qualifications and resources to accomplish their goals.  You’ve reiterated the team’s primary purpose and objectives.  Yet maybe, there doesn’t seem to be a shared sense of commitment to the collective mission.  When team members have conflicting values, beliefs, and priorities, it often prevents them from working together effectively because they don’t trust each other.  In which case, training and coaching generally aren’t very successful, because cultural values are a form of personal identity, it’s almost akin to trying to get someone to change their politics or religion.  CultureSet™ can help you troubleshoot and resolve misalignment problems which may be preventing your team from excelling.

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Construct your team’s Cultural Values Matrix and follow the framework to hire the right candidates. Use the troubleshooting checklist to help identify and fix problems

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Based on decades of working with a broad range of teams, we know how to create a culture that elevates performance to create a competitive advantage.

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The Origins of CultureSet™

After decades of working with a broad range of cross-functional design and other technology-related teams, in various workplace environments across the country and around the world, the time had come to solve the mystery of team culture and chemistry.  Why were some teams so dysfunctional while others routinely excelled, with superior results and happy customers?  Well, the science shows that performance is positively correlated to trust and negatively connected to chronic stress due to the different chemicals that get released to our brains.  Given that building trust is based on shared cultural values but stress results when values are in conflict, having a tool to measure alignment in cultural values can be extremely beneficial.  CultureSet™ was designed as an easy, intuitive framework for managers who don’t have time to become organizational culture experts.

Here to Help

Whether you just want to hire the right new team members to keep the culture you already have, or need to start at ground zero and reconsider the fundamentals such as your team’s primary purpose and how to communicate its value proposition, Concrete Logic has the depth of experience to guide you through the process.  We give you the tools to decide what kind of culture would be most conducive to achieving your goals and provide the framework to lay the foundation for an exceptional culture that creates a competitive advantage.

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